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Kontax now on

We are pleased to announce that the Kontax series is now also available on the MYMsta mobisite. MYMsta, short for Make Your Move, is the world’s first HIV/AIDS related mobile social network. It’s a project of LoveLife, based in South Africa.

We will continue to experiment with publishing approaches, e.g. MYMsta has a 1,000 character limit on its content pieces (to keep data costs down for its users), so the Kontax story will be published in smaller chunks than the usual chapter length. Two installments will be published every week for now. There is no manual for mpublishing — we can only try different approaches to see if they work or not!

Thank you to Duncan Harling at LoveLife for working with us and publishing Kontax.


Kontax on MXit

MXitSince 26 October, Kontax has also been available on MXit. The MXit offering is quite different to the mobisite: no registration, comments or Kontax social network; and all 21 chapters are published at once (as opposed to serially over 21 days). Readers can still enter the Kontax Sequel competition from there.

There has also been marketing within MXit itself: splash screens to the 11-14 and 15-18 age groups, and a Tradepost broadcast message. It will be interesting to compare the two approaches to publishing m-novels: mobisite vs MXit. In the 9 days since it’s gone live on MXit, 4,000 readers have read the whole story, as opposed to about 250 for the mobisite. There is an interesting drop-off trend after the first few chapters for both versions.

Today at the Africa Media and Broadcasting Congress, Rick Joubert spoke about the mobile web in South Africa (before joining Yonder Media he was head of Mobile Media at Vodacom, so he has considerable commerical experience in mobile). He said that in general the mobile web is for 18s and over, and to reach the younger audience one should go MXit.

The best solution seems to be a mobisite that is accessible via MXit — something that has become possible only recently. is “mobile ready”

The mobiReady testing tool evaluates mobile-readiness using industry best practices and standards. We ran through the test and came out looking good! We got 18 passes, 5 warnings, 3 fails and 2 comments — so there is some tweaking that could be done. But the overall score was 5 out of 5. See the full report.

Well done to Fontera, the mobisite developers.

Kontax goes cross-media

Kontax is exploring what South African youth make of cross-media stories. We have a couple of tricks up our sleeve, with the first one being unveiled tomorrow. In the story, Sbu is trying to find Adelle. He has her cellphone so he goes through her contacts and calls each one. We’ve used real numbers and created voice messages for each so that readers can call or SMS the contacts.

Azure Hotel: 083 763 2623
Hyena Personal Guards: 073 658 9100
East London Township Museum: 083 716 8551
The Daily Eye: 078 739 3536

Why not try it yourself?

Inspiration for this came from the popular cross-media teen novel Cathy’s Book. In the book, which is Cathy’s lost diary, the numbers, email addresses and web addresses are all real, taking the reader from the print medium to other media as he or she explores the back stories and extras surrounding the story.

It worked in America. Let’s see if it works here. Perhaps in South Africa we need to create MXit profiles — it’s cheaper than making a call.