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Yoza presentation given at NetExplo awards

Below is the presentation given by Steve Vosloo at the Netexplo Awards in Paris, 15 February  2013. It contains the latest stats on Yoza as well as examples of other mobile reading initiatives that have published Yoza stories or perhaps benefited from lessons learned by creating Yoza. The more reading and writing that happens via mobile the better!


Yoza wins NetExplo Award

Yoza Cellphone Stories is extremely proud to be a winner of the prestigious Netexplo Award in Paris.

Netexplo Award Winner“Every year the Netexplo global observatory of digital innovations identifies the latest and most promising projects and experiments on every continent through its international network of more than 200 spotters. This initial material, comprised of several hundred projects, companies and technologies, is then analyzed in greater depth. A college of international experts next selects the 100 most interesting cases, forming the annual Netexplo 100.”

There is even a short video describing the project.

Steve Vosloo receiving the NetExplo Award for Yoza Cellphone Stories

Steve Vosloo receiving the NetExplo Award for Yoza Cellphone Stories

Congratulations to the other winners for 2013.

Yoza nominated for WSA Mobile

In September last Yoza Cellphone Stories was nominated for a World Summit Award for Mobile Content.

The goal of WSA Mobile is “selecting the world’s most outstanding mobile apps, putting UN-WSIS targets into action. WSA mobile is a global initiative that awards local apps with global relevance. It selects outstanding mobile content and promotes it on a global congress in Abu Dhabi.”

WSA Mobile Award Nominee

While Yoza did not make the finals, it was a great honour to represent South Africa in the global contest.

m4Lit gets Honourable Mention in the Stockholm Challenge

Stockholm ChallengeSince 1994, the Stockholm Challenge has rewarded social entrepreneurs in the field of ICT. This year, more than 290 projects from 90 countries joined the Challenge. We entered m4Lit into this years Challenge (read the entry here), and while we didn’t win, the project received an Honourable Mention. Well done to everyone on the team! This is a nice achievement, given that there were 49 finalists in the Education category.

One of the jurors described m4Lit as follows:

m4Lit is an interesting project, down to earth, applicable. Nice case of adjusting to the local context ideas that are operational elsewhere. It is a superb application of technology which leads to the empowerment of a very large audience. M4Lit has the potential to become sustainable. If entrepreneurship depends upon potential “spin-offs” or enhancements, there would appear to be excellent possibilities. Before iPad and Kindle, reading books on PDA and mobile phones did not catch on in most countries. Perhaps using an Interactive device to do solitary activity is counter-intuitive. However, the idea in the context of Africa seems reasonable and the initial success should be congratulated.

Kontax wins a Bronze @ the Bookmarks

Kontax won a Bronze “Pixel” in the Bookmarks Awards, the only medal in the Mobile Publishing category. Kontax “beat” M-Net, Football365, EntertainmentAfrica, CAR magazine and Soccer-Laduma, which is the most visited mobisite in South Africa. One of the competition organisors told Steve Vosloo that Kontax won a medal because it showed creative thinking and innovation in its category.

This year, as with last year, no Gold or Grand Prix prizes were awarded — a message to the local industry that we’re getting there, but have some way to go yet. According to, “The total number of awards made was 25, amounting to a fraction over 1% of the entries” — so competition was stiff.

Once again, well done to the Kontax team!

For more info see the list of the Bookmarks Finalists and winners. BizCommunity covered the awards ceremony — looks like lots of fun was had by all.