10 Reader comments that make it all worthwhile

Below are a few comments posted by readers over the last few days that make Yoza worthwhile. We are clearly doing something right — not only entertaining but teaching. The participative nature of mobile phones means that we get immediate feedback (which the story authors just love).

Comments on Kontax 5: The Sext Files:

“I must say: the story line it self is gripping, for somereasen everytime i read the kontax stories am kept at the erge of my sit. They are always grattifiying and i can hardly wait for another1. Thank you to the contax team cause for the 1st time in years i am reading again and i lov reading now, and am a guy so you i just dont lyk readin. So thank u again guyz you da best.” By Mphuthumi Busakwe

“I like da simplicity en educative strategy of da writer,tee en biga people nid to take std’s seriously.precautions shud b takin b4 angagin into sex life.” By Alex

“airtym is a gud guy :).. Lovin this story.. But a pity is its…..FINISHED! 😥 NOOOOOOO! BWAHAHAHAHA 😦 XX” By Brittsicles 🙂

Comments on Sisterz 2: Hidden Danger:

“Plz dnt end nw! i wana hear mre bowt dis. i lov sistaz. nd it ws abt tym da mum open ha earz. amanda nd jayden. awesum mense! jayden…:}We nid mre dudes lyk dat” By Xoliswa

“Gr8 story guyz.. I can’t wait 4 th nxt one 2 b published. I’m totally addicted! Love th fact tht Jayden nd Latoya r bck 2gethr. P.s Please give us more than one chapter a day” By Ms. Makes

“You know since the introduction of kontax i’ve always suggested that they should make these stories some kind of a series acted on tv. I think that many children even adults for that matter would learn alot. What do you readers and yoza team think? Post your comments if you agree i’d love to hear your views. Yoza? Keep up the good work. I love every single chapter of every story. Thanks for the entertainment/education” By Chris Rooimes

“This has been an interestn nd influencial book. I loved evey chapter nd lierally stayed up tl 12 for the next nd the nxt nd the nxt…. Jayden wer are u?:( im in need of my very own jayden, latoya hav a blast in ur r.hip nd embrace evey mmnt.. Cant wait 4 the continuation” By Veronique

Comments on Streetskillz 2: Silver’s Treasure:

“J0h wt a st0ry,plz write it until i die” By The viper

“M nt a soccer fan bt the streetskillz caught me off guard,i cnt wait 4 da next chapter” By Likeleli

“2 all soccer lovers,esp players,here r technical tips,grab them. Gud luck 2d team!” By Assah


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