Yoza Cellphone Stories has launched!

We are very happy to announce that Yoza Cellphone Stories has launched. Yoza is the new space for short cellphone stories aka m-novels. They are hip, interactive and free. User can read them, leave comments on the chapters and enter the writing competitions to win airtime. Each main story is a series: chapters are published daily. Think soapies on your phone.

There are four great new stories: Kontax (adventure), Sisterz (romance), Confessions (teen issues) and Streetskillz (soccer). There are other great once-off stories, such as a bicycle ride through Lesotho. And don’t forget Yoza Classics for the greats such as Macbeth. In total there are eleven stories in the library of m-novels, and we will work hard to grow that number and the number of young readers and writers on Yoza.

To read Yoza stories go to:

  • www.yoza.mobi or
  • MXit – go to Tradepost > MXit Cares > mobiBooks > Yoza

Yoza is also on Facebook.

1 Response to “Yoza Cellphone Stories has launched!”

  1. 1 lovable November 15, 2011 at 11:54 am

    I love this stories. Evryone is so creative and very good its just that there so little to read and it is so adictive so please post more stories. Specially the awsomes

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