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Launch of Kontax

Tonight Sam Wilson, author of Kontax, and Steve Vosloo, m4Lit project leader, launched the teen m-novel at the Book Lounge. The crowd asked some thought-provoking questions and seemed genuinely interested in the project.

Kontax launch @ the Book Lounge

Kontax launch @ the Book Lounge (Source: Shuttleworth Foundation, CC-BY-SA)

More photos on Flickr.

Big thanks for Mervyn of the Book Lounge for hosting the launch. Book launches are usually held with the hope of selling a few books. Not this one: the launch of a “non-book” that was not for sale in the store. Thanks Mervyn for being open minded. Long live printed books, long live m-novels.


Invitation to the Kontax launch at the Book Lounge

On 30 September 2009 Kontax – the m-novel created for the Shuttleworth Foundation’s m4Lit project – launches in South Africa, making world history as the first of its kind to be offered in both English and isiXhosa.

Kontax, a teen novel written by award-winning mobilist Sam Wilson, and translated into isiXhosa by Nkululelo Mabandla, about the adventures of a group of teenage graffiti writers, will unfold chapter by chapter over 21 days from 30 September.

Please join us for the official launch!

Wednesday 30 September
The Book Lounge
71 Roeland St, Cape Town
RSVP to or 021 462 2425

Steve Vosloo, m4Lit project leader and 21st Century Learning Fellow for the Shuttleworth Foundation, and the writer of Kontax, Sam Wilson of Clockwork Orange, will both be chatting about the fascinating world of the m-novel and the participatory reading culture of 21st century teens.

Enjoy some vino and snacks as we welcome in a new literary world that consumes, recreates, shares and remixes the written word!

Invitation to the Kontax launch @ the Book Lounge

Invitation to the Kontax launch @ the Book Lounge

Kontaxt press releases

Two press releases for Kontax are online.

The first one is the “popular” press release — aimed at kids/kids publications and tries to get them to read the story. It describes Kontax and how to participate.

The second one is the “discussion starter” press release — aimed at adults/adult publications and tries to get them to profile the project. It describes Kontax within the broader m4Lit project.

Please use these to cover the story and the project.

Images of Kontax

The English version of the Kontax story is finished — yay! — and is being translated into isiXhosa right now. Some initial images are also complete and available on Flickr.

KONTAX character: Sbu

KONTAX character: Sbu (Source: Shuttleworth Foundation, CC-BY-SA-2.5-ZA)